The UK Readiness Index © is designed to help you see all the required steps you need to take to get your business UK ready and identify the gaps between where you are and where you need to be in your UK market entry journey.
The Index is composed of 8 sections and each section is described by 4 statements. You will be asked to identify the statement that you most identify with.
Before you begin the test, you can watch a short video about How to Use the UK Readiness Index below.

After you have filled in the information below, you will be able to take the test and once you have finished the test you will see a summary of your responses. The results will give us the information we need to advise you further about entering the UK market, and we will be in touch.

Contact Information

Please choose the statement you most identify with.

1. UK Value Proposition

2. Market Assessment

3. Competitive Insight

4. Sales Pipeline

5. Opportunity & Engagement Management

6. Technical Readiness

7. UK Compliance

8. Go-to-Market (GTM) Plan

Please, pick one.