Looking to set up and grow in the UK market?

The United Kingdom is a great place to set up in business. In the words of the UK Department for International Trade:

We recognise that deciding to take your business international and coming to the UK is a major decision. Our mission is to help you every step of the way. You are likely seeking the answers to many questions which you have – let us guide you on your journey.

We help you to understand the essentials, making sure that you are prepared. Then once you are ready, we will help you get started by launching your UK business. We don’t stop there though, we actively work with you to scale up in the UK and help you achieve the vision you set for yourself.

To help you assess how prepared you are today to enter the UK market, we have created the UK Readiness Index © which we invite you to take. After taking the Readiness Index © you will have a better idea of the steps on the journey and where we can help you to make the journey as worry free and speedy as possible.