Iron Arrow Consulting hosts London Tech Week event in partnership with Redfern Legal and Fitzgerald & Law

Iron Arrow Consulting hosts London Tech Week event in partnership with Redfern Legal and Fitzgerald & Law

As part of this year’s London Tech Week agenda, on June, 12, 2019, Iron Arrow Consulting hosted a breakfast event to help overseas tech firms understand the required steps to take to set up and grow in the UK market.

The event uniquely brought together three presentations by speakers specialising in the fundamental aspects of doing business in the UK – sales and business development, visas and immigration, and accounting – followed by an interactive panel where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and get specific feedback on how to overcome their challenges when entering a new market.

Sila Demirok, founder of Iron Arrow Consulting and a strategy consultant specialising in Industry 4.0 technologies, opened the event with a talk on how to leverage the vast opportunities present in the UK market for tech firms and highlighted the importance of identifying what to do and when from early on in the UK market entry journey. She also explained how the UK Readiness Index can help with creating a roadmap with a demonstration in the form of a pub quiz.

Tom Redfern, partner at Redfern Legal with nearly 40 years’ experience as a solicitor introduced attendees to the different legal aspects that need consideration when expanding to the UK, namely employment law, as well as providing extensive information on different types of visas to do business in the UK.

Melissa Christopher, chartered accountant from Fitzgerald & Law with experience in international expansions, structuring and tax efficient share schemes, elaborated on Tom’s talk by presenting different accounting aspects that firms must consider, as well as government incentives that firms could leverage such as research and development funds.

We thank very much to the attendees for their time and hope to see you next year at London Tech Week.

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