The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

The first few days of this week have been a crash course in all things business consultancy in general, Industry 4.0 and (Iron Arrow Consulting) IAC of course! It has been a massive amount of information to grasp, especially seeing as this is all new. However, I am surprised at how quickly it all makes sense and how my thinking has changed. I feel like I will be living and breathing tech for the next few months, much to my excitement! Every time I click on an article/social media page or even just Wikipedia, it takes me down a wormhole of further information that is just too interesting to stop reading. The issue is, before I know it, an hour has passed! I definitely need to find that balance between actioning tasks efficiently, while still researching and gaining as much knowledge as possible, without spending all my time on tech publications...

This week our main task was getting started on updating our website and starting to pick up the marketing aspect of the job. This was interesting to get stuck into as I was put in charge of finding some web developers to work with and beginning to reach out to them. In order to do this, I had to have a clear idea of what we wanted and how we wanted the site to look and feel. As you can imagine, this was quite a task considering this was only my first week, however I was happy to take on the challenge so soon and it was nice to know Sila trusted me to represent IAC’s interests well so soon!     I was surprised at how much I had absorbed, enough to be able to communicate IAC’s needs for our new site. Of course, Sila was very supportive during the whole process and was always willing to give me suggestions while allowing me to carry out communications on my own, making me the main point of contact for the vendors.

One of the highlights of the week was the conference call I participated in between members of the AWS team and Sila to talk about their CloudStart launch event in Turkey. It was interesting to see how these events are organised and the questions that are asked prior to an event such as this. Senior members are involved in even small details such as catering which I did not expect, but it really highlighted the collaborative nature of IAC’s partnerships. It was also encouraging to be part of the call with such senior members of AWS’ team. The debrief with Sila really made me feel as if I was part of the team and my feedback and thoughts could be impactful in some way or another. I would say so far aside from the pace (which I quite enjoy), is English/Turkish language barrier. As many of the publications and informational resources I engage with are in Turkish, I struggled slightly as it is not always clear to me what a particular person or organisation does! I must say search engine translators have also given me some very interesting translations to say the least! This is not a huge issue however as it just requires a bit more digging, and luckily enough for me I work side by side with a native speaker who is always willing to help out!

Though the tasks I completed this week were a big change from the “day to day”s I have been used to, I would say the biggest adjustment since starting this week has been the work environment we work in. As I was previously employed by a large enterprise, we worked in quite a structured office environment, however this has been the first time I have worked in a shared office space and it is great! There is truly an entrepreneurial feel about the place, and it’s quite mind blowing to think of how many different companies are here working side by side, making their own impact across various industries. We even have some game developers sitting near us!

Next week the real work starts, this week has definitely a baptism of fire (in the best possible way) but I’m ready to get cracking on all the exciting new challenges head first! Next stop, putting my PR and marketing cap on and getting stuck in to planning our new website!